Friday, 17 February 2012

Stressed But Blessed!

I spent the past weekend in Bali with Honey.  It is my favourite destination in Asia thus far (I still have many to see).  Bali always manages to make me feel Zen as you can see in the picture (jeez my arms are long).   

We spent quality time together and it was so nice to change the ambiance even for a few days.  It set the tone for me continuing on my journey of appreciation of my life, and it was a catalyst for me being able to deal with the disagreeable level of work that I have endured this week.

Let me tell you.  This week at work has been HECTIC! Nevertheless, it has seen me reach a pinnacle in my life! For the first time, even though under vasts amounts of stress, I have been able to effortlessly look on the bright side of life and not be bothered by foolishness. Don't get me wrong it has been tiring and intense, but I have handled the stress way better than ever before, and it feels goooood! 

Despite this being the most challenging week I have encountered since I started my job, you know what?  Through it all I have kept smiling without even realising.  It was not until a colleague commented that she did not know how I have kept smiling that I realised it.  Hence the term 'Stressed But Blessed!'

I hope this frame of mind lasts forever as I have managed to get through the tumultuous time at work feeling blessed to have this job. I am glad for the experience and exposure the trying times have given me and most of all I am all the more determined to succeed in my external endeavours to enable me to manage my own future and comfortably become self-employed.

I asked myself what I did differently so that I can apply it all the time.  There is a method to what may sound like madness...  Fundamentally, whenever a situation occurs that is trying or hard to deal with, we should not get flustered.  Do not panic.  Relax.  Give yourself a minute to think.  Never react in anger, desperation of anxiety.  Be silent for moment and Breathe.....Then smile.  

As silly as it may sound, when you smile you cannot genuinely feel anger, anxiety or depression. Just Smile and think of something better instead.  Then note to self, it is only a menial situation.  You are bigger than it, whatever 'it' may be.  After which you feel empowered to deal with it in an appropriate manner and move on.

Personally, each time an annoying event occurred this week, I reminded myself that I only have a less than 5 years and then it is financial freedom.  I will be my own Boss! Only God knows how exactly, but it is going to happen.  That's what works for me.  However maybe for you it requires thinking about how great your family is.  What about how wonderful your personal relationships are?  Perhaps how nice your home is?  Whatever floats your boat, take a moment and focus on something better instead.

We all have our bad times whether it be work, home, friends, foes.  Nonetheless what you focus your attention on is what is amplified sometimes exponentially.  Thus, focus on the Bless and not the Stress.  As ALL of us have Blessings right?  Even if we don't acknowledge them.

Love and Happiness!

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  1. I love that picture!

    Go you for keeping control of your peace!