Monday, 27 February 2012

The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It!

So it has been a little while since I wrote.  Unfortunately I am caught up in getting myself together and planning for my Future.  I am glad to see that people are still reading in my absence and  I will try to write more often.

Nevertheless I thought I would share (as usual), what is going on in my head at the moment.  I am really in a state of working to make my future fit my dreams.  I am trying to keep the focus, albeit with a hint of procrastination thrown in.

That is my biggest problem - procrastination.  It has been my downfall all my life.  From delaying  my rise out of the bed in the morning, to debating far too long about what eye shadow to wear to match my outfit on a given day (Ok slight exaggeration).  Suffice to say, Procrastination is my worst feature.  

However back to the matter in hand.  The Future!  We all too often wait for great things to materialise.  Destiny, kizmet, fate, whatever we want to term it as, we wait and wait a little more, until time passes, expectations are not met and we blame life, God, the universe everyone but ourselves for life being not what we had hoped or planned.

The thing is, if we all reflected and reflected well, we cannot honestly deny, that how we participate and engage in making our Futures is integral to the successes (or indeed failures) we encounter.  We need to take control, we need to proactively be the makers of our futures and not let our futures make us.

I have to prevent myself from being stuck in the midst of the verbiage. Talking and talking about what I am going to achieve.  I am progressing and taking baby steps towards what I want to do but I realise that I am not taking the big leap I need to.  I am scared.  There, I said it.   I can talk all I want and in fact I do.  Now I must walk the talk.  I cannot predict the exact turn of events and how I will be a success.  However I can predict that I will succeed. Right?

All of us, we may fail along the way, but we can by all means keep trying until we get where we want to.    Why spend so much time trying to predict how the future will turn out versus making moves to create the future we desire?

There are so many ways to make strides.  I have chosen to seek help, support (big thanks to Mum and my Sister through Love for helping with the Business lately), and advice of those that I know have a genuine interest in seeing me succeed.  I am also using a lot of Visualisation and working on the  planning.  I have created vision boards too.  

This is the year of Me.  I know it and I will show it.  So like I keep reminding myself. Remember:
Whatever you want from your life 'The Best Way To Predict Your Future Is To Create It!' ~ Unknown.


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