Tuesday, 10 July 2012

If you got an issue, here's a tissue ~ Nigel Powers (Austin Powers Gold Member)

 Hi Blog Busters!

How on earth are you?  It has been far too long.

My time over the missed months has been fun-filled, stress-filled and just 'FILLED'.  I have not made blogging a priority this year and quite frankly I miss it.  I am on the back end of launching my new business and it has involved, travelling, negotiating, photo shoots, and all kinds of things I had no clue needed to be done.  This is only the beginning!

I have come to embrace the fact that I am not the best multi-tasker no matter how much I try to force myself to be.  As a result, blogging has taken an undeserved back seat.

I am currently taking a respite in a little country called Laos which is snuggled in between Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand.  My first leg of this trip is in Vientiane, the capital city.  As I find myself in solitude, far away from everyone and everything I know and love (by choice) I am actually struggling to rest.  Unbelievable as it seems, I wake up with a headache each day as my body is adjusting to doing nothing!  This place has nothing to do...

I slept most of yesterday, then went for a stroll.  After the 5th temple, I was all templed out.  I then proceeded to have an amazing massage, returned to the hotel and you guessed it - slept!

Today again nothing much doing... and with the cable TV not working in my hotel room, I am struggling.  Incredible!   I looked to the left, then right and then the ceiling of my hotel room. With a sorrowful sigh, I started thinking to myself how bored am I (hey that rhymes)?  I was about to take a mid-day siesta before a lazy lunch, and thought - jeez I can use this time to catch up with my Blog Busters!  So here I am.

I have had so much to write over the past months but today I was at a loss as to what to write.  Then I went back to basics and asked myself what I am feeling (this blog started with me needing an outlet to express my feelings).  What immediately came to mind is 'Girl you are complaining that you have nothing to do, while you sit in a 4 Star hotel in a country that is tranquil and serene? - If you got an issue, use a tissue'.

The meaning I have given to this quote is two-fold:
1)As I sit here complaining about having nothing to do, I realise that in fact I am doing exactly what I set out to do. Rest and do nothing!

Thus, the number 1 fold of this message is to see things for what they are and enjoy them.  Human nature often dictates and we tend to complain with far more ease than otherwise.  If as much time was taken to realise we have what we asked for, it would serve us well.  So I am getting my grateful groove on and enjoying the moment!  Doing nothing is cool.

2)Number 2 fold is a gentle reminder that when trying times approach, own it! Take a moment, embrace it - then get a tissue, wipe up the mess, the tears and the frustrations and look for the opportunity that has arisen out of that issue...

Do I have any issues?  For sure, but upon reflection they seem pretty trivial.  Nonetheless like you, it doesn't stop me from busting everyone's ear drums about them.

Currently, I cannot bear my working relationship with my boss and I am working far harder than I have in my entire life. So I thank God I have a job, many don't have a job, and the boss, he employed me, so I thank God for him too (I say with gritted teeth).

I'm also super exhausted (black circles under the eyes are not a good look), hold on a minute that is why I am on holiday, so stop complaining about having nothing to do already and sleep I hear you say!

I am simplifying it, as it is just that - simple.  I was so down about my boss on my case all the time.  You see spending most of your life in conflict with the person that you work with 5 days a week is trying.  I hated going to work and my obsession with thinking about how awful it was became depressing.  The lack of physical energy didn't help either.

You know what I did? I owned it.  I actually told him he was driving me nuts. Nonetheless I told him I will take responsibility for my part in the mess.  I asked him to work with me to make it better.  Funnily enough he confessed he had been stressed with handling our negative rapport too and thanked me.  He still gets on my last nerve to be frank, but until I can hang up my project manager shoes and walk away in my hot heels (my new company sells shoes - watch this space), I am owning it! 

As such, each time that my work life tests me, I look at what I have going for me.  Example:
  • Right about now I have a perfect life. 
  • I am debt free yeah!!  Remember I said I would be this year, well I am ( ok I still have mortgages, but....).  
  • I have great health, a few stiff muscles but nothing a good exercise regime would not fix.  
  • I have a wonderful family and  fabulous friends.  I have the cutest smartest Son, best Mum, greatest Brother and a lovely Honey (and his son is super cool too).
  • I have a well paid job, a business on the horizon and a world of greatness to look forward to.  
  • I am right now taking a moment to myself, resting and recharging my batteries in a country that most people have never heard of, let alone have been to.
  • I look in the mirror and love what I see looking back at me - do I sound like I am gloating?  I am not. I am just grateful. So, so grateful. 
Where am I going with this?  I am looking on the bright side of life. Why don't you list the good things you have going for you too (with a positive open mind of course)?

Don't get me wrong, we all have challenges.  I never aim to trivialise your 'issues'.  However a resolution does not always have to involve rocket science, and can be as easy as managing to see that every issue, no matter how bad, really is an opportunity/blessing in disguise.  My issues with work propelled me into working double hard in expediting my business launch and I am really enjoying the experience. 

Thus my friends, make a mental note to self: Life really is what you make it. If you won't take responsibility for your life then really, it's your issue - use a tissue.


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