Thursday, 12 January 2012

Appreciate Good People!

The most important thing that I learnt last year was that we should be prudent about the people we surround ourselves with.  That goes for friends, family, colleagues, partners - everyone.

There are some people that are in our lives by default, circumstance, history, and so many other reasons.  There are others that we have made a conscious decision to have in our lives and then there are those that we cannot even remember why we have them around.

What I know to be true is that the type of people that you choose to have in your life should inspire you, genuinely care about you, and provide you with love, comfort and support

Above all, when we have these good people in our lives - we should appreciate it! Open yourself to being there for others and allow good people in. When they are there for you, never take it for granted.  Question yourself, are you showing these people how important they are to you?  Do you take advantage of them instead of taking opportunities to help them?  Do you regularly thank them and be there for them?

When we are fortunate to have 'Good People' around it is truly a blessing.  Below are pictures of those that as I write, are here for me from near and far.  They inspire me, comfort me, put up with me in good times and bad, support me and love me. They have empowered me to be a better person.  They provide encouragement, objectivity, great experiences, love and understanding.   A shoulder to cry on, a forum to be heard and warm hearts.

Each one has played a part in who I am at this moment, one happy lady who feels a whole lot of love from:
  • KC - The Challenger.
  • Mum - Unconditional love giver.
  • Little Bro - The Best Supportive Father figure.
  • Little Sis - With the Gorgeous Heart.
  • Honey - Who Makes me feel special.
  • Aunty - That Unceasingly cares for us.
  • My Beautiful Sisters - Towers of Strength. 
I appreciate and love you all.  You are such Good People! 

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