Tuesday, 10 January 2012

We can be anything we want...

HAPPY NEW YEAR My People!! Have missed you.

Yes I know, it has been a minute since I have written. I have had a well deserved break. I have set my key goals for 2012 and I am ready to rock and roll.

This year for me is all about exceeding expectations. You see I have often set achievable goals and achieve them for the most part. It is more gratifying than setting higher expectations and not succeeding in achieving them exactly the way one hoped to, right? Wrong!  Thus, this year I decided - why not set goals that have you reaching for the sky?!!

As a youngster back in the 70s, I remember watching the fantastic kids musical Bugsy Malone. It was great seeing the likes of Jodie Foster et al, pretending to be adults and re-enacting adult interactions.
I recommend it as a fun film to view with the kids. Nevertheless the ending theme of unity and knowing - 'we coulda been anything that we wanted to be' will resonate with me forever.

In keeping with the latter theme (I think unity warrants it's own post), let's reflect on being anything we want.

Do you think you can be whatever you desire?   How is it that as children we have so much faith in our abilities? We aspire to be Pilots, Astronauts, Doctors, Musicians, and so many other things.  We all know of someone that has dived from some ridiculous height as a crazy kid (usually the males) in a bid to prove they can fly, and they really believe as such. I certainly can recall more than one man that can attest to that.

Unfortunately, age occurs and then we become the catalysts of fear based behaviour. Cautious, unwilling to try, and at times, downright scared to fail! When does this happen? Why does it happen?

I know for me, historically I have set goals that are comfortable enough to give room for procrastination and error. What is that about?

Today why not do things differently just because you can? I am not talking about fake new years' resolutions that die a quick death next week. I am talking about objectives that make a difference to you and others.

Come on, be an example to others and demonstrate that it starts with a mind set. Don't make it an onerous task either. Keep it simple: Add a bit of determination, inject some motivation, mix in a shot of never give up, a dose of keep trying and it makes for a beautiful cocktail of achieving what you believe in!

I know so many of us have exponential amounts of abilities. We all let fear lead the way at times but it's time to handle your Business. Handle it!

My People, heed my pleas. Be anything you want to be! I know I will.


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