Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Give Back!

How many of us think about giving as much as we expect to receive?

I love to give gifts, the joy on the recipients face, their appreciation, and knowing I have made them happy fills me with joy.

What I have noticed though, is that many of us prefer to be the recipient. Do not get me wrong, I like to receive gifts just as much as anyone else, and opening a thoughtful gift from someone is great. Nevertheless I do prefer to give. 

I think this should be your year of giving! It does not have to always be presents either.  Donate a smile, or a compliment.  Encouraging others and giving words of comfort.  Lending a listening ear, volunteering your time.  These are all gifts that demonstrate the ability to do for others.  It is also a quick fix when you are feeling down as it removes focus from yourself and enables you to concentrate on someone else. 

So why not make a concerted effort now as opposed to Christmas time. Empty your wardrobe of unwanted clothes and donate them to the needy. Spring clean your children's toy boxes and let the unused toys go to a useful place.  Teach a skill to someone that would benefit. You could even go to your child's school and read perhaps.

We should try to help someone else weekly.  Give back as there is always someone that deserves it!

This even works for those of us that prefer to receive than to give as what we give always comes back to us in some way or another!


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  1. I agree! Giving is so important because it takes us away from ourselves, something we need to do regularly. Always happy to see a post from you.