Sunday, 29 January 2012

“Using no way as a way....” ― Bruce Lee, Tao of Jeet Kune Do

No one can deny the skills and the legacy that was left by Bruce Lee. Aside from the fact that he was a phenomenal martial artist he was a wise soul for his young years.

Many often wondered how he achieved the skills and fame he did. A small chinese boy from Hong Kong, became a larger than life superstar worldwide. No Asian man before or since has touched the entertainment world like he did right?

The thing is, this man had so much self belief that he felt he was limitless. I mean look at the image above. At a mere 5'7" he is jump kicking a man of 7'4" in the head and it does not look like he is having much difficulty either. I wonder how many people could actually do that today?

The way I choose to conduct myself has influences from many people. Many experiences and many things. I think a lot (some say too much). Nevertheless I am at a juncture where I am deciding how to continue to make a living in a fashion conducive to my needs and desires. I am seeking to find what makes me feel passionate and to work that into my life in a beneficial way.

Often times we want to do something or be someone that we think goes against the grain. We fear failure and we limit ourselves because of negative self beliefs or being discouraged by others.

You know what? The only limitations we have are the limitations we set ourselves. No, we all cannot be infamous martial artists and we do not all want to be, but can you imagine if more people thought like he did? As he said '...having no limitation as limitation.'

I must admit I have grown up with that mind set for the most part, and have achieved everything I have prayed for with sheer determination. I guess lately I have forgotten or something? As when I have hit obstacles recently, I began to question myself. Thinking about Bruce Lee and his philosophies for living his life has kicked me back into shape (pardon the pun).

As time swiftly passes I have no room for doubt, or self inflicted limitations. Once again I am walking on the path where I am 'using no way, as way..'


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