Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Make An Effort!

How many of you take care to ensure that you always look good? Not enough of us do at times in my opinion.

We are either too lazy or too busy. We use excuses like we do not want to come across as vain, or as if we are using our looks when we should be using our brains. Frankly I think not ensuring you look good shows a lack of care and is a reflection of how you feel about yourself. You look frumpy because you feel it. You look fabulous because you know you are.

Looking less than your best on a give day even if you are one of those characters that does not care what other people think, is just not cool. It does not have to be for anyone else either, do it for yourself. Ask yourself, the way you choose to look, does it have you smiling an 'I like what I see smile?'

We all tend to make an effort for special occasions, but why wait for a special occasion? Look good now.

Living in Asia, I am surrounded by women that grow up with the mindset of using their looks to get what they want. I am not saying this is right necessarily, however it has made me realise that we become too complacent and stop bothering.

There are far too many expat wives that adopt the tired used up look, wearing worn out old clothes, the same hairstyle they have for decades and just do not make an effort. Then a cute looking little thing comes along, and steals their husband. She is not necessarily smarter, sometimes she is not even better looking, she just makes more of an effort.

Yes I know just how hard it can be to do all we have to do and look good too but it can be done!

For my part I ensure that I never leave home looking mediocre. Fixing my hair, and wearing something decent is worth the effort it takes. I do it for myself as when you look good you feel good. A bright coloured cute outfit that you know fits well can chase the blues away in an instant - try it!

For sure it is easy to drag yourself out of bed, drag some unkempt clothes on and look disheveled. Nevertheless, you should make an effort. Present yourself in a way that reflects self love, self respect and self awareness. Buy a decent bra, keep those girls up. Buy nice underwear, a nice pair of panties feels so much nicer than granny drawers.

Style your hair, buy clothes that fit, wear comfortable heels - yes they do exist (I will be selling mine soon so watch this space).

We all have our own interpretations of what looks good, that goes without saying! However as long as your reflection makes you smile, you're on the right track! Go forth and look great. Please, make an effort!


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