Thursday, 8 December 2011

Be Present In Your Present!

Do you really appreciate the essence of time? Never has there been a time that I realise how rapidly life is passing by like I do now!

It is absolutely amazing how weeks envelope into months and months snowball into years. I look back at each week that has passed in absolute awe. It is 2012 in 24 days for goodness sakes, where did time go?

They always say that the older you get, the quicker time flies, I can attest to that. This is all the more reason to be present! The food you eat taste it, the music you hear listen to it, the time you have embrace it.

Seriously, considering how quick everything moves from day to day, one has to be mindful and absorb it all in its entirety. Expectant mothers, be at one with your child. Love the growth within and smile. It will NEVER be a moment that is recaptured again, no matter how many children you have or will have.

While walking, let's appreciate our surroundings, nature, our breathing and ability to walk. Do you realise you will not capture that aspect of your life again? Each moment is individual, unique and unrepeatable.

Given this concept, what different choices would you make if you know that you will not be able to have the same choice at this day and time ever? As no matter how similar a circumstance may be, it will only be just that, similar but not the same. All of it, every single second is a one off! There will always be a different aspect, outside factor or event that will change the situation.

I will only have one opportunity to take the time to write my blog at this time on December 8th 2011. I will never recapture this moment ever - wow! When I think of it like that, time is so so precious.

We should try to enjoy now, tomorrow never comes, it is now that is important. Living in the moment, as hard as we find it with the day to day routines, as well as the trials and tribulations of life, is essential to freeing your spirit and making the most of what time you have.

Take a leaf out of Obama's book. He is always present. He is always engaged and engaging. I am not into politics and I cannot comment on how well his is doing at his job, but no one can deny that he is present and has presence. Look at him versus the lady behind Michelle, I mean are they even at the same event?

How present are you, really? At work are you there? My body is there but my mind often takes a vacation in Bali, or a wonder how KC is enjoying his day or a trip back in time to the great evening with Honey. We all do it, but is that right? Are you getting paid to be partially present?

Do you always look your child and loved ones in the eyes and hear their voices. Do you really listen, do you? Why not? Are they not worthy of your focus and attention? I mean how does it feel when you require attention and do not receive it? I guess what I am saying is stop! Stop whatever is making you half hearted and be wholehearted!

Respond, react, be there, notice and be present. Put down the blackberry, the iPhone, the iPad. Turn off the TV. Listen. Be 100%.

Make the choice to be present in your present, as this moment only comes around once in a lifetime!


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