Thursday, 1 December 2011

What Does Your Reflection Say To You?

How do you see yourself? Not only the physical image but also looking deep within?

I have no issues with self confidence, being self assured, positivity, looking and feeling great. When I look in the mirror physically I adore what I see. You should when you look in the mirror too. However that is all superficial. Looking deeper within, when I look at my inner self, I am puzzled by what looks back at me!

I received news this week that the growth I had removed from my eye lid two weeks ago was a Benign Cyst. Praise the Lord! My body is screaming out mercilessly for me to take notice that the self inflicted stresses are too much.

After the second surgery to remove growths from my body in 5 months I have decided no more! I have to take stock and listen to my body as it is speaking volumes. This has led me to really start to soul search and look deep within.

What I see is a strong woman that takes the world on her shoulders. Tries to be there and doing things that at times feel unsurmountable. I see a woman that is somewhat removed from the person I that I feel she should be. A woman that does not always practice what she preaches, and is driving herself to destruction.

So today I have decided to become the person on the inside that I want to be on the outside! We get so caught up in life, that we do not realise that it is enough already. We need to step back and check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.

So who do You want to see when you look in the mirror? The woman I want to see always adheres to her mantra 'Acceptance and go with the flow' when challenging circumstances arise, she is more easy on herself, she rests and exercises, and is strong knowing that whatever happens in the end all will be ok.

When I started this blog it was called 'A single mother that wants to do everything but can't, as time flies without wings.' What I have realised in the 5 months of writing this blog, is that this was to my detriment. Ones desire to do everything leads to fatigue, stress, and feeling unhealthy.

I changed the name of this blog a month or so ago as I realised that I cannot do everything and in actual fact, that is not what I really want. What I want is happiness and I want it today. What makes me happy is not a super woman lifestyle with no room to think, no time to be at one with myself, no time for my son, no time for my partner and friends. What I want is to get back to basics and above all stop trying so hard. All this trying so hard is exhausting, mentally and physically.

What do you want to be, to feel? Let us start to be on the inside what we want on the outside. Stop having migraines, tantrums, feelings of stress and anxiety, cancers, ulcers, undiagnosed illnesses.

Look within, when you are getting ready to do your daily chores, look at your internal mirror and decide that each day your reflection says to you that you are exactly who you want to be - and keep saying and visualising it until you believe it, and eventually materialise it.

Love & Happiness!

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