Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Conscious Thinking...

How often do you take the time to think? Not auto-pilot thoughts but really thinking about things. How you conduct yourself, how you react, and how you make others feel?

I try to engage in more conscious thinking as much as possible. It allows one to appreciate more and arouses awareness. It helps bring clarity to situations and enhances your sensitivity. Thinking before reacting or before conducting actions in your day to day life can be a stark contrast between encountering a good or a not so good experience.

Taking the time out to be pensive, thoughtful, and thinking deeply makes so much difference. It can also contribute to the energy you bring to the table being positive as opposed to negative. Often we approach a scenario without thought, as a result we may speak out of turn for example. We may hurt someone's feelings and cause offence. Taking more care to think about how we respond to others can prevent many rifts and misunderstandings.

Of course it can be easier said than done. If we you are upset, tired, or just plain angry, thinking before speaking or reacting is not easy. Nevertheless, think. Can you do something better? Is the blame you are showering on others yours to own? Can you be a better you? Whatever it is, take a moment to reflect before and after you make moves to do anything.

As great as spontaneity can be, conscious thoughts lead to conscious decisions. Many a time, impulse reactions lead to outcomes that we did not intend to experience. All of which could have been avoided with a little conscious aforethought.

So, take time, be thoughtful of others, and most of all think consciously about how you are being you!


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