Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Ask And It Is Given!

I read a book of that title many years ago.  I would say it is one of my suggested reads and one of the books that helped me at the start of my journey seeking a happier life.


I had been using the 'Law of attraction' long before 'The Secret' and such delights became popular culture.  I had no idea I was manifesting.  However my entire life events are evidence of me saying it is, and it being so.  The problem in being ignorant to this concept at the time though, was that I was not consciously specific enough about what I was asking for until recently.  

Sometimes I still am not.  Nevertheless I am working at it.  At times it takes months, weeks, days to get what I ask for but I always do.  The key is to be specific.  Even if you are not specific you still get what you ask for. 

For example, you say you want a like-minded, compatible, travel companion.  If they are like-minded they should be fun like you right? Perhaps, but not necessarily.   Instead of meeting a like-minded person who Iikes to travel that you can go on trips with and have fun with, you meet a like-minded person that likes to travel and is awful to be around.  Why?  You didn't also specify that you get along and have fun together.  Therefore you meet a like-minded person that likes to travel just like you asked, but they are awful to be around.  This is why the details are important!

What I do is write a list, not necessarily a long one but a specific one.  I write it like a shopping list that I am giving to a person that doesn't know what I like.  So instead of just saying I want biscuits, I describe the shape, the packaging, the size, even the price.  As simple as it may sound, the specifics make a huge difference.   In asking for what you want you must be purposeful and know you have it already!! Then it is given.  

2 weeks ago I decided that I was going to reduce my mortgage payments.  I am on a mission to be debt free as you know and then financially free soon after.  As such, I am trying to cut back (Jimmy Choos aside) where I can.  It is not a case of rubbing a bottle, a genie pops out and all my wishes come true, not exactly.  Nevertheless, I decided that I would reduce my  mortgage payments and I have.  

I went to my bank today and informed them that another bank is offering me a better rate and enquired what can they do for me.  They offered me a rate that was 1.35% less than I was paying them at that moment, and effectively reduced my monthly payments by over $500!!!  The same bank, with only just asking, no fussing, they just said - here you go!

Can you believe saving $534 a month in a matter or minutes? I was woo hoo-ing all afternoon.  All I did was ask and it was given.  I firmly believed they would give me something better and they did. It works really! 

A point to note, when you receive, always give thanks!  Because as quick as you receive if you are not appreciative you lose it.  

We always manifest our experiences whether we know it, or want to, so we may as well consciously manifest good things.  I urge you to try it. Ask, receive, believe and achieve!  It is always given.


  1. I total believe! I've read the book too. Great Blog x

  2. Your subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than your conscious mind. What you believe at a subconscious level will ALWAYS triumph over your goals, affirmations and other things you do at a conscious level. 

    In other words ... if you have hidden beliefs that do not support what you're trying to create, you'll NEVER achieve the success you want.   Jack Canfield 

  3. Focus on the exact thing you want to attract. Don't focus on fighting a disease, focus on well being. Don't focus being against racism, focus on unity and love amongst all. Your focal point is tantamount to getting what you desire. Blessings!

  4. That being said I just realised I have been focusing on being Debt free as opposed to Abundance! 'Debt' being the operative word. Jeez I need to get with my own programme :). Never too late. Abundance, Abundance, ABUNDANCE!

  5. All together now... Abundance, abundance, abundance :) :) :)