Monday, 26 September 2011

The Power Of Silence...

Have you ever realized that silence can be far louder and far-reaching than spoken words?

In times of confusion you will find that going to a quiet place, taking stock of the things that are causing you to be confused and just being at one with yourself really works wonders.  The silence speaks volumes.

Sometimes the answers are abundantly clear but we cannot see the wood for the trees.  It only takes a moment of quiet time for the clarity to surface.

How annoying is it when your children or partner does not answer your question?  They have not said a thing, however it can fuel anger and despair. Why? Because silence is powerful.

You help someone and although you do it from the bottom of your heart the recipient does not show gratitude.  A simple thank you makes you feel appreciated and we all want appreciation.  However they say Nothing!  What emotions does that arouse?  

You see?  Silence in all it's forms has the power to move you, anger you, help you, free you. Use it!

The unspoken word can have detrimental effects I tell you.   It can also be a blessing.  Sometimes just being there for someone and saying nothing is much more comforting than unwelcomed advice.
You may want to verbally retaliate against someone for something they have said or have done to you.  Be silent.  Let it be. 

You have a headache.  Rest, be silent.  These are usually stress related.  

You have a question you need answering, wait, be still - the answers tend to be within.  Silence - let the answer come in it's time.  The right answers are not always immediately received.

Your ego keeps telling you to do conflicting things in times of decision making. If you can meditate do so.   Quiet the mind.  Shhhhhhh....

Many people cannot stand silence and being in their own company.  If you cannot be alone with yourself, how on earth do you expect others to want to be alone with you?

Take time out.  Be silent. Try it before you refuse to buy it.  
'Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence'. - Leonardo da Vinci

Dedicated to my Bro Kindred - Lumiere Sur Lumiere - thanks for the inspiration - you too are FYAH!! 


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  1. Just wanted to say I find this blog really inspiring. I definitely need some guidance along this path I'm on & your words help to keep me focussed :).

    Peace & Love

    ps liking the new look :)