Thursday, 15 September 2011

Self Preservation = Inspiration!

I had a wonderful trip to New York, albeit an exhausting one!  I have come back in great spirits and am inspired to be a better me - physically.

To date, my focus has been predominately on the betterment of myself in a spiritual sense. However I have neglected to focus on the physical. Not the pedicures, hairstyles and cute outfits, but my body on a whole.

We tend to forget that we are tripartite - mind, body and spirit.  One cannot function optimally without the other and as such we need to take care of each element of our tripartite selves.  This should be  something we do on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, my focus will not only be on my spiritual growth, but my physical well being too (the mind I have always habitually taken care of with constant seeking knowledge, reading, and so on).

In order to achieve these I will set some documented, realistic, measurable goals - Weight gain, exercise regularly, change my image to suit how I feel (vibrant, elegant, and chic), and eating well (more portions):

1) Gain weight - I do not have a goal weight however I do know what I want to see when I look in the mirror.  Fuller toned figured would be great!  Measurement of success = weight  and muscle gain.

2) Exercise regularly - I will go to the gym at least twice a week to gain physical strength and fitness. Measurement of success = ability to run longer distances and lift more weights.

3) Change my physical appearance - still deciding on this one but am moving towards a radical change of hair colour and/or style. Measurement of success will be clear with before and after pics.

4) Eat more food and regularly.  Measurement of success is habitual increase of meal intake from 3 to 4+ a day of good, healthy portions.

Time frame to have all these goals achieved are 6 months. Thus by March 2012 I will have gained weight, strength, fitness, and have a new overall physical appearance.

I think we should all do something annually to inspire us to be our best self mentally, spiritually and physically.  Maybe you are physically fit but you feel down.  Think about it. Could you eat healthier? Do you exercise enough? Do you have fun and laugh to uplift your spirit? Is your mind settled and free of strife? 

As Aristotle said: 'Happiness depends upon ourselves'.  If you don't like what you see looking back at you in the mirror change it.  If you don't feel good spiritually, get yourself on track.  If your mind is unsettled seek solace. Don't just exist. Be, do and take part in your life.


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