Friday, 16 September 2011

Desperation Smells Worse Than Perspiration....

We have all suffered trying times...Unfulfilled relationships, dissatisfied with a job. Some people are unable to pay their bills, make ends meet, find employment.

Whatever your woes, in desperate times resist the temptation to act in desperation.  It tends to end up being a case of jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Resulting in regrettable behavior, missed opportunities, feeling the sorrow of 'if only' and worst of all embarrassment.   Subsequently self pity unfolds and a whole realm of negative vibes begin to ensue. 

Often times, those around you can tell you are desperate.  They lose interest in you, respect for you and are sometimes repelled by you.  You know why?  As desperation smells worse than perspiration.  Who wants to be around someone emitting bad vibes?  It demonstrates a lack of confidence, self worth and in some cases a lack of dignity. 

We must know that things will get better. For sure they may get worse before doing so, but they will be better in time. You see upon reflection, you know the bad experience is probably not the first one you have had. You got through the last one and the others that follow.  Just like you will get through the one you may encounter now.

So when you hate your job take the time to contemplate the next one to ensure it is suitable.  Research, and plan to get one that fulfills your desires and needs (whether that be monetary, job satisfaction or whatever else).   Avoid whining, moaning and taking an offer for another role you know deep down is unsuitable.

If you cannot make ends meet, perhaps get a second job if possible or use your God-given talents to provide a second income.  There are so many of us out there that have abilities we don't use.  Teach English to a foreigner, stack shelves in a supermarket, just don't desperately approach a loan shark and pay 10 times what you borrowed!

When your partner leaves you for another, don't get on your knees and beg them to love you. Love yourself, stand tall and find someone else better next time.  You chose to be with the wrong person perhaps choose someone very different in future.

When you feel that your child has deliberately hurt your feelings, don't instinctively react with hateful words. Seek to understand why they act that way.  You see hurt people hurt.  Maybe they are in pain and are acting without the malice that you think is intended.  Find a way to reach out to them even if it means doing so via someone else.

Bottom line, we need to own our actions, take pride in ourselves and act the way we want to be treated.  You want to be treated with respect, be respectful, you want to be a given a fair chance, do so unto others.  You want love, emit love.

When we act desperate, we will be treated as such.  Don't smell of perspiration, smell of good vibrations.

Blessings Scr1be (aka ChAna)

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