Sunday, 4 September 2011

Bending To Adjust.

'NOT all fingers are of same LENGTH, but when they are BENT, all stand in EQUAL length. Similarly, LIFE becomes easier & stronger when we BEND & ADJUST to certain situations.'

I thought this was beautiful.  This came from a wise old young lady of 10 years of age... is more amazing is it is true, try it! Bend your fingers and look!  If all of us adapted and learnt to do so from an age as young as Rashika, the world would be a better place.

It has been a little while since I last blogged.  Besides being extremely hectic (yes I know, same ol' same ol'), I have been feeling uninspired and tired.  So I thought it best to take a respite as things were taking their toll. 

As you know, I believe we have choices, I feel that we are not victims of our circumstances and we contribute to how things go for us, the good and the bad.  Upon taking this time to reflect, I keep reminding myself that I have far more things to be grateful for then otherwise. 

You see, everything for me is a situation that I have manifested to get me to the next step.  As life cannot exist without opposites then it stands to reason that I will manifest good things and bad things.  It is what it is.  However I have to remember that it is a stepping stone to better things - always!   With this in mind I must adapt, bend and be flexible. Become stronger by adjusting to the situations.

This is the event that made me realise that although I was talking the talk, I was not walking the walk:

I am currently in New York, and since arriving, I have hardly smiled.  I was beyond being grateful that I could take the time out to have this trip and celebrate one of my great friends getting wed.  The overwhelming fatigue clouded my judgement for a moment. 

We endured a 22+ hour flight.  I had also not slept for over 30 hours, and when I did eventually fall asleep, KC woke me up after 4 or so hours then proceeded to make every noise he was able to.  Sufficed to say the expression on my face for the last couple of days has not been delightful. 

It is now past midnight and he is still driving his trains around me on the desk, singing, producing excellent train sound effects and being a typical kid.  He is functioning on Asian time (it is now 12:46pm at home).  The difference is, I am not grimacing, I am smiling.

Fortunately when he slept earlier I decided to sleep again too.  As a result I am awake and feeling fine, he is playing and enjoying himself, while my Mother is lightly snoring in the background oblivious to his noise. It was something so simple, just a case of adapting, bending, and being flexible to make good of the situation.  After all holidaying in New York is not a bad situation to be in.

Someone said to me before I left that he was happy for me to be going away, I suspiciously asked him why, he said 'I am happy as you are happy.'  I left excited and got here complaining as I had to experience a long flight.  Now I knew it was a long flight, so I need to get over myself and be grateful!! 

I am in a great and interesting city with my family.   I am going to shop until I drop, have fun, and have a wonderful time.  I am already having fun if I only realised it.  So here I am back on track, blogging to my peeps and ready to enjoy!!!

Thank you for over 1000 views by those of you that are showing an interest in what I have written in the last couple of months since I started blogging.  A special thank you to my friend in Sweden for reading as regularly as you do!!


ChAna H

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