Friday, 26 August 2011

Your Soul's Purpose.

Do you ever wonder what your purpose is?  Why you are here and what difference you are making?  Will you be missed by anyone when your spirit leaves this earth?  Will anyone care? 

I have been wondering about this more and more.  I think my purpose is to live a happy and fulfilled life and to ensure that I make some sort of difference for others beginning with those around me (at work, at home etc). 

Charity begins at home, so I started by looking in my back yard first and seeing if I am achieving my soul's purpose at all.  I provide KC with quite an opulent life. He wants for nothing but is that enough? 

Spending time, showing my appreciation, taking a moment to fully interact and show him love and attention.  Now that is worth so much more.  It is particularly important to demonstrate love and attention.  A 5 minute query asking about some one's day means more than you ever realise.

Many families go through a day without saying hardly anything to each other. How can you live with someone and not talk?  I now try to have a discussion with him daily.  I make a point of letting him know I love him, I get him to describe his day, take a moment to play and have fun and to show him my presence.

My purpose with respect to him is to be a good mother.  To raise him well.  Give a foundation upon which he can make good decisions for himself.  I want to ensure I make him laugh everyday. I feel that I must provide him with childhood memories that he will cherish always, and that bring a big smile to his face.   So when I am gone he thinks of me and he feels proud.

I am going through a phase where I think I have achieved a lot for myself, and as fortunate as I am, as great as things are, I ask myself (like Heather Smalls sings), 'What have you done today to make you feel proud?'  Not just today, but everyday.

I am proud to say I have a wonderful son, I take care of him and provide for him, I take care of my family how I can, as well as Aunty (my helper) and help her with her family.  That is nice and all, but I don't feel a great sense of pride, I think that is the least I should be doing.   Yes I do volunteer work too, however I don't feel that I am doing anything that particularly stands out and makes me feel proud.

I do not want to start over committing and achieve nothing, however I need to do more.  I have been blessed with so much, I have to give back more to maintain a balance. 

My mother got up one day, started training and then did a sponsored run for Charity.  She has never been active in sports.  She just decided to do it and did.  That is showing purpose.

She has inspired me to do something more.  Giving money is easier than getting your hands dirty.  I need to get my hands dirty, show some purpose and make a difference.  It will be good for my soul. 

I will keep you posted on what things I start to do.  In the meantime think about  - What's you're purpose?  What have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. "Giving money is easier than getting your hands dirty" >>> So true! But, difficult to do differently when you've already been through a lot to get that money in the 1st place! Wouldn't that "working" apply to the "getting ur hands dirty"? >>> I know, again too easy, but who said life HAD to be tough to be rewarding? There is enough struggle and people suffering already in this world to add mine ;-))

  2. Have you decided what to do yet?

  3. CV I hear you however I feel a sense of the need to do more than provide monetary help. I have donated to cancer orgs and other charities for years. However how much more fulfilling would it be if I sat down with cancer survivors and spent quality time with them. I could donate books to kids but volunteering in a school in Cambodia was so much better for my soul. I handed one of the children some of KC's clothes that were too small. He held them like they were gold. Instead of being a faceless donor I want to make a difference in a more meaningful way.

    That is not necessarily the right way, just my way. I would find it so much more rewarding that I couldn't feel that it was tough or a struggle!

  4. Bailey Ana still deliberating. I have been caught up in self for the last couple of months. I need to get that right so I can be of value to others. Soon enough ;-). Will definitely keep you updated.