Thursday, 18 August 2011

Don't Live In The Past!

Do you realise how many people live in the past?  It is amazing.  Sure, we are moulded by our experiences and as such we are influenced by things that have happened, but goodness gracious people have to start to move on.  I realise that I too have set myself some limitations due to historic events that I have experienced, but as of now that is going to change.

What is worse than living in the past is being in denial about doing so.  Like Dostoyevsky said 'Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.'   It is really dangerous to be limited by your past.  To not take risks as you failed before.  To not love, as your ex hurt you.  I know it isn't easy but it has got to be done.  Live in the now.  Be here today. 

You see, we can have no effect on the past.  It is gone and it will never change.  It makes it difficult to face reality when you are constantly looking back.  You may have been hurt, you may have had a hard childhood, a painful marriage, a terrible time at school.  That must not be the reason you stagnate or worse regress.

Constantly reminiscing and being obsessed with life as it was, can rob us of a great future.  It can rob you of fulfilling your dreams and it can rob you of happiness.  Your vision will be clouded, you will not see the wood for the trees and missed opportunities will result in regret.

The possibilities that are out there are vast, we can grasp them if we refuse to live in the past.


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