Saturday, 13 August 2011

Can Changing Your Attitude Change Your Life?

It has been a traumatic week with the riots in the UK.  So much blame, and shame has taken place.  It is unfortunate that events like this occur and even more unfortunate that innocent people have been subjected to bitter attacks and loss.

Many of us are asking what is the reason for this.  I honestly do not feel placed to give an opinion as I am so far removed from British society.  Whatever the reason, I do feel it is unjustified to take it to the degree that it was taken.

I was so shocked by the intensity and the severity of it all, but I have heard many that have  said it was on the cards.  This has ranged from politicians (Nigel Clegg - 
to London youths -

They have given different reasons, both of which may well be contributing factors (I don't believe there is one sole reason).  Nevertheless, I still do not understand the intensity, the greed, the nihilism and the manner of which people of all ages and all races conducted themselves. 

I believe that they had a choice, they did not have to cause the damage they did, they chose to.  I also believe that with strength of character and sheer  determination we can make good of a bad situation (so many people have come from bad and have done good). 

I totally agree with Einstein's view that Weakness Of Attitude Becomes Weakness Of Character.  I am all for standing up for your rights (one of the excuses given by many) but never at the expense of others.  When you hurt someone to alleviate your pain that doesn't make sense to me.

Again I am not in the UK so I cannot say how it is to live in any of the shoes of the poverty stricken, harassed, under privileged people in the UK or anywhere else.  Perhaps this is why I do not understand why there are some people that are seemingly less concerned with  making a future for themselves, by themselves, and more concerned with feeling as if governments or people that are better off owe them a living (this is based on the comments by looters I have seen this week). 

I was not born rich and like many I aspire to being rich, but I intend to do so through hard work and diligence.  I left the UK as I felt that it was not for me anymore.  Prior to doing so, I went to university, got educated, and did what I had to do to get where I want to get.  I had a great supportive mother that worked several jobs to provide for me.  That inspired me to ensure I did 100 times better than her so I have a better life than she did.

Clearly some people created this situation as an opportunity to vent their frustrations, and be pilfering arsonists.  You cannot say that because the government is not to your liking, or you are poor, or harassed by police or because banks were bailed out a couple of years ago that there is justification for burning down your neighbours house and stealing from every shop you can in a mad rage.

I am glad I left, I am glad my son doesn't have to succumb to the mindset that this society manifests (poor people, minorities and whoever else that participated feeling there is no choice but to go crazy on the streets, politicians, historians and others believing it is due to 'Black Culture', and many more totally confused and unable to fathom the meaning of it all).

Maya Angelou said: 'When we know better, we do better.'  Unfortunately for those that chose to partake in this atrocious historical event, they don't seem to act like they know better.  However if anyone is going to get ahead in life they certainly have to DO BETTER!


  1. What do you think about David Starkey's views? He is supposed to be an educated man and the views he is expressing to the country are so offensive to black people. I am sure there are many middle class white people looking at what he saying and feeling validated that someone of his supposed stature can get away with saying these things.

  2. Thanks for commenting Nicole. I think Starkey's views are ridiculous. He is offensive, but so are the people that burned down their communities.

    However he represents many and is entitled to his own opinion. Education does not mean he does not have prejudices. You see above all else we are human beings which equals imperfections. Education cannot counteract that.

    As for people adopting his views, they have a choice. What is more likely to be make them adopt his views is the incorrect and edited media portrayals.

    In the first day I saw images of a large amount of young jewish boys wearing Kippahs that were throwing things at the police in Tottenham. Those images were not shown again and were rapidly replaced by images of mostly Black youths that were on repeat. Is this a coincidence?

    I firmly believe in the saying 'you make your bed, you lie in it...'. The Black youths and all the others in fact have not done themselves and many others any favours...and have given people like Starkey ammunition to make such offensive comments.