Monday, 22 August 2011


Charity - For those that have been following my blog,  I eventually raised $494 for my Mum's sponsored run.  I should have raised more but I think that is a good start.  I will be donating the cheque to her when we meet in New York in 2 weeks - I will post a picture of the event!

Family - KC spent the summer in the UK and he has come back transformed.  I kid you not!  I was inspired to write this blog as I feared that KC had Aspergers although this was never diagnosed (due to comments made by his speech therapists).  With the support of my family and friends we decided to disprove that theory.

My brother and friend Kindred said that all he needed was to be with his family and surrounded by his culture, and they were right.  He has matured so much in a month and his language development his improved ridiculously.

I received a report from his speech therapist today and she said amongst other things '...he is 90% intelligible in connected speech...more mature in his conversation and interaction...he was super compliant and his level of effort was super.'  Sufficed to say I am elated.  Yes it is early days, but we cannot take back the fact that he is having intelligible conversations now, when 4 weeks ago his responses were sporadic.

I know that he is shy and his behaviour was connected to his lack of conversation skills but to improve in such a short time is amazing.  He is still young and has ways to go like all 5 year olds.  Nonetheless, I will do my utmost to ensure he has continuous verbal interaction with myself and others, that he spends more time with like minded kids, and I will send him home as many times as I can.

This result has confirmed for me the notion that 'life really has no meaning except for the meaning you give it.'  You really can change things by changing your thoughts about it. 

My Little Brother had a major part to play and in some ways I think he was more determined to disprove the theory than I ever imagined.  I am so thankful to him.  Since KC returned, I have not seen any of the signs in him (that were there before) that make him stand out more than any other child. 

His demeanour has changed, his composure also.  You know he asked me how my day was at work today? He said  'Mama it is so good to see you' last week. These simple gestures would never have been expressed 30 days ago.  He shares his thoughts and questions things in a cute age appropriate way.  He just amazes me and I am so blessed!  I'll be crying at his Graduation from Cambridge yet - the Eagle has landed!

I guess in trying times, there is always a candle that shines.  My baby, who now seems like such a big boy, is my shining light.  I am so happy!


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