Monday, 8 August 2011

Where Are All The Parents? London War 2011!

I am sitting here awestruck and shaking my head at the beyond insane images of my City!  I am a Londoner born and bred.  I left 7 years ago as I saw that it was getting worse.  Nevertheless, I did not ever imagine when I left, that this would be what I would see in 2011 or at any time.  Now I know I was right to leave - these images tell me why.,AAAAAPudZCE~,XX4gHkw25zFiuQUSLkikqQTj_Xskce7I&bclid=0&bctid=1097390660001

What is the world coming to?  When do we take ownership for our actions and stop using excuses for creating anarchy?  So many people say this was a long time coming, they are not surprised...Who is at fault here?  I ask where are the parents of these little kids I see that look only a little older than my son (he's 5) looting shops?

No one is being vocal and giving any justification for how burning someone's home or place of business, or stealing trainers and a TV, relates to the death of a young man in a London community.  Reason being, there just is no correlation.  It is pure opportunist theft.

Where is the rationale for creating havoc, chaos and mad damage?  I see all the places I am familiar with under fire.  Hackney where I was born, Ilford a minute from where my son is staying on holiday as I write, Camden where I lived for several years just before leaving the UK.  This is my back yard and I feel so sad to see that it has come to this.  When did people become so inhumane and insane?

I pray the government gets it right and starts putting funds into the communities and policing instead of making gardens pretty (I just heard news yesterday of multi-millions being used to renovate gardens in the UK for goodness sakes).

I pray that people get educated and stop being ghetto. 

I pray for those poor innocent people that have lost their livelihoods - I pray for your strength in such trying times.

Bob Marley's final words to his son Ziggy were "Money can't buy life".

I pray that those faceless youths causing mayhem realise this.  There is so much more to life than material things.  People matter more.  The pain they are causing is not worth it.  Instead of ruining lives, they should seek to get a life.


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