Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Always A Mother!

There’s a saying: ‘ You never miss your water until your well runs dry.’   A few weeks ago, I decided to make the most of my time alone, as my son was going to be on holidays for a month in the UK.  Upon his departure, I was celebrating having time to myself and planned different things to do in order to keep me occupied or in some cases unoccupied (as I managed to sleep more than I have in years).

In essence, I have been free of parental responsibilities for a month and I have 4 days left until Motherhood returns.  KC is actually missing me as much as I miss him now and wants to come home.  I was beginning to wonder what the deal was, as during our calls, he appeared to show little interest in me and our life at home.  

Up until last week, he was quite happy being 1000s of miles away. It took almost 3 weeks, however he has finally started to miss me – yeah! I actually miss him heaps too.  I am looking forward to meeting him at the airport on Sunday, giving him a big hug, several kisses and a high five! 

Although I speak to him most days and I see him online, that is no substitute for hugging my baby. I have enjoyed my time out.  I have managed to spend time on pampering myself,  resting well, having quiet times and not doing anything.  I managed to meet friends at a drop of a hat, leave my laptop on the table without fear of it being tampered with.  I could play my music loud, I could sleep in late.  I travelled guilt free and spent time with Honey. 

It has been great!  Nevertheless, I cannot wait to settle back into my routine and be Mama again. The morning chats, the hurried hugs before school.  The being engaged while the days events are re-told.  The deciding what activities to partake in so that I can edify my son.  The Mama and Me Sundays.  The book reading, and endless explaining. The shouting when things are not as they should be.  The simple gesture of looking at him and seeing how he has grown - I swear his voice has even changed since he left…..

I look forward to the noise (we are so noisy the two of us), the laughter, the friendship, the growing and the caring.  These are far more important than my time out.  I needed that time out though to enable me to appreciate how good it feels to be a Mother.   How often do you want something to change and then when it takes place you yearn for things to return to how they were before?  It is funny isn’t it? 

I have to make the most of these years as I can never get them back.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be sending him home to the family again.  We’ll be back in London next Summer.  Nonetheless, I appreciate that the moments we share are irreplaceable.   I am eagerly awaiting my baby’s arrival home, and no matter how hard child rearing can be, regardless of how far he is, I will always love being his Mother!

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