Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Greatest!

When you think of 'the greatest', one of the first people that comes to mind is Muhammad Ali.

Ali said 'I just figured if  I said I'm the greatest enough, I could convince the world.'  Is it really that simple?  I mean it worked.  However I think it is also the fact that he believed he was the greatest too that had a lot more to do with how Great he actually became.

I have mentioned that I aim to give more than 100%.  I aim to do so in all aspects of my life.  Mediocrity has become boring for me and I really want to start to make even more of a difference in my life and to the life of others around me.

I have long since felt that I need to conduct myself in a manner that does not incur regret.  I am also trying to cultivate happiness, peace of mind and a joyful disposition.  My problem is quietening the mind.  Budda said 'A battle within is more intense than any external obstacle.'  This is so true!  I am constantly over thinking, analysing and by the time I am done I sometimes forget that I aim to maintain peace of mind.

As a result, I am trying to invoke more self awareness,  and do another thing that budda advised, 'Shape the mind like unto an arrow. Give it direction, purpose and sharpness.'    I need to cultivate the mind and stop it from heading me in the opposite direction from were I intended.

With this in mind, I will continue getting up and appreciating a new day.  Being more focused, meditative and in control of the noise and distractions within.  Above all, keep believing and achieving. After all if  it worked for Mohammed Ali, it can work for me.  Who knows, maybe in my world I can be the Greatest!

By the way, KC is back looking as handsome as ever.  It was the trip of a lifetime for him and a turning point for us both.  He learnt about his family in the UK, I learnt to appreciate the time we have and will do my utmost to make the most of it.

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