Thursday, 29 September 2011

What Do You Want?

Do you really know what you want from life both long and short term?

I was thinking about this on the way to work today and I realised that most of us don't honestly know what we want.

Yes most certainly we all want happiness, good health, wealth, financial freedom, good people in our lives, love, peace and harmony and such delights. However that is all relative as good health for you may be very different from my idea of good health.  My idea of happiness could be merely having a steady paycheck. What is yours?

Do you ever really take note in detail of what it is you want?  This applies to day to day things too.  You go to the shops with the aim of buying groceries for  your weekly food supplies. How often do you come back with everything other than what you wanted?

Or you embark on a relationship and go over all the things you don't want.  You don't want to get hurt, you don't want to be used, you don't want to be taken for granted.  What is it you do want?

In my post Ask And It Is Given, I highlighted that what you focus on is what you  receive.  Therefore if you go to the shops with the mindset that you don't want to forget to buy an item, guess what, you'll forget. 

Similarly with love, if you highlight all you don't want, chances are you will get exactly that.  Declare what it is you do want.  Be it Appreciation of your kindness, consideration of your feelings, a great lover who knows how to float your boat (even that is relative and may require more details).   

Whatever the case may be, make sure your wants and needs are clearly communicated.  If you are in a rapport with another, then you must make things clear.  Don't assume you are on the same page, be sure.  As unless they have extra sensory perception they will have no idea.

Likewise with the groceries, communicate with yourself. You can simply write it down.  Easy no?  Read and follow your shopping list and you are guaranteed to return with what you want.

Communication is this key.  If you choose to ignore your list then you didn't really want what was on there in the first place.  If a loved one chooses to ignore what you have honestly communicated, they do not truly care.

We complicate matters unnecessarily when it can be pretty simple with a little proactive thinking.

Make a shopping list of your wants regarding every aspect of your life: Work, love, wealth, friendship, parenthood whatever is important to you.  Then communicate those desires so it is crystal clear to you, and others exactly what you want.


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