Sunday, 2 October 2011

Patience Wins The Race

A 7 year old asked me why my nails are so long yesterday.  His mother then said to him that she would like her nails to grow that long.  His response was, 'Maman (they speak French), patience wins the race.'

How cute and how true.  I thought it was a great thing to say and I will remind myself of that henceforth.

We are all guilty of impatience.  Finding it difficult to manage expectations and wanting things to happen yesterday.  Nevertheless nothing happens before it's time. 

With that in mind it becomes apparent that there really is no point in indulging in self inflicted stress as we wait for things to come to fruition.  As hard as it is to wait things out, one must learn the art of patience.  Be confident that all good things will come to pass and everything will be alright.

I know this is difficult.  In fact it can at times feel near impossible.  Currently I am waiting for a lot of things to take place and I find it so very hard to wait it out I tell you.

The toughest one is clearing my debts.  This time next year, I will be debt free.  I have it all calculated and I know the exact month.  However it doesn't prevent me from anxiously waiting for that day to arrive.  Sometimes I go as far as recalculating to see if there is any hope that they will disappear sooner, but nothing changes.  Does that even make sense?  It is what it is. I just need to patiently go with it.

 I have so many things that I can be focused on, and I am wasting time and energy giving myself anxiety attacks over something that at this moment I am unable to do anything more about than I have already.

Letting things be is so much better than drowning in a sea of frustration.  It just is not good for the soul to put pressure on yourself.  We cannot control the passage of time.  

Yes for sure we can push things along sometimes. For example if I was positioned to supplement my income and throw more money on my debts it stands to reason that they will be cleared sooner.  The thing is I am not doing that right now, so it makes more sense to patiently count down the days and feel blessed that I will eventually clear them.  After all it really is a matter of months.

Thus, my focus will be on bigger and brighter things.  My son, my business, my loved ones and myself.  I will get there in the end and do so with patience as patience wins the race.

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