Saturday, 29 October 2011

What path would you take if you wasn't afraid?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? For those wondering...I have not blogged for a couple of days as I have been caught up in getting myself off of the fear based track and on to the path of being my true self. Feels good!

Looking back, if I asked myself this regarding my ideal career choice,  I would have been a mind blowing record producer and song writer!  My dream job!  I would have probably lived between the States and UK and have had a totally different life to what I have now.  I would have had my huge studio, surrounded by equipment, good vibes and a decent clientele. I have however accepted that due to my past fears this is not something I feel that I will ever do, it will remain a dream and that is ok as long as I do not hold regret and I do not.

I have also asked myself the above question regarding how I want to make a living several years from now. I would say that the path I would take (and am taking) if I was not afraid is one of a successful Business Woman. Able to take the necessary steps and risks to enable me to make a comfortable living from my Businesses and to no longer be an employee. Roll on the good times!

You know it's good to ask yourself this question regarding each aspect of your life, as we tend to get so caught up in the status quo. Being alive but not living, going with the grain and nothing much else. By asking this question, it allows us to check in. To see if the path we are on is in alignment with where we want to be.  If there is a stark difference between your truth right now or where you are heading, and what you desire your truth to be, you are probably pretty unhappy right now correct?

You see we people are very simple really. We make out that we are complicated but we are not. If we merely follow our truth and be who we really want to be, doing so without fear, how much better would life be?

Therefore seek your truth and ask yourself where you are heading in your life journey, versus where you want to go.  Is your internal GPS kicking in correctly or are you flying on a wing and a prayer in the hope that one day you'll make it to that place that makes you feel good about yourself?

Perhaps you should be stronger in your dealings with conflict, softer in your handling of your loved ones, smarter in your financial decisions. How about further on your career path?  What about your weight? Are there some inner fears or insecurities that cause you to comfort eat or be underweight?

If you were 100% fearless and focused on walking your truth, do you think there would be a difference in how you conduct yourself, how you make a living, how you love and how you live? Of course there would be.

Being the person you feel is right is life transforming.  It doesn't always have to equate to being someone elaborate either. Simply having the career you know represents you.  Dealing with your relationships and participating in a way that makes you feel comfortable.  Whether it be a mother that admits she is tired, seeks help and is no longer running on her last legs. Or a husband that has the confidence to tell his wife that he wants once a week with the boys, to have his individual space.

We tend to be fearful and feel compelled to compromise to our detriment as we fear hurting others.  You may dress a certain way to conform rather than be noticed for your uniqueness.  Sometimes we allow others voices to make our choices and we become who our parents, partners or even teachers want us to be.

'Love people enough to tell them the truth and respect them enough to know they can handle it.' ~ Iyanla Vanzant.

I have spoken before about relinquishing fear. Fear is so debilitating and annoying.  As a result, I am trying my utmost to live in the path of Love (the opposite to fear).

Of course it is easier said than done.  So what would you do if you was not afraid? Who would you be? Where would you live? Would you be surrounded by the things you are? Think about it and walk your truth. Be you - fearlessly!

Love & Happiness.

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  1. Beautifully said & something I really needed to hear. Thank you.