Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Being 38 Is Great!

What is up with you people that have a problem with your birthday?

I celebrated my birthday on Saturday. Overall it was very pleasant.  I am on the nearer side of 40 and feel great!

It is startling however how many people treat the coming of a new year with an attitude of doom and gloom. Celebrate it!  Your place here is worthy of a celebration.

I love the fact that I am here to see another birthday.  I had a little cousin who would have celebrated her 18th exactly a week before mine.  A tragic car accident at the age of 7 means she will never see her 38th birthday.  Never have children, go to university, travel the world extensively, provide for her family. Like  I have. Or even have a chance to be the great adult she had the potential to be.  She was an angel and touched many lives immensely.  I cannot begin to imagine what she would have achieved if she had more birthdays.

You see, we often choose to have negative feelings and perceptions.  What those that complain about ageing tend to forget, is that the opposite of aging is death!   I tell my whining friends this all the time.  

What you should do is Choose to appreciate life!  Choose to be grateful that you have another chance daily to make a difference for yourself, for your families.  Thank God that you are here.  Think a while about the alternative to having your birthday and age creeping up on you.  Stop the crazy complaining about your age. 

Don't get me wrong.  There are times I think wow. I cannot believe I am 38! In fact, someone close to me and I constantly tease each other about our age.  He loves telling me how 'old' I am (he is 5 years older than me mind you).

I am proud to say I do not look my age and even if I do who really cares?  As long as I am well, it doesn't matter.  Fundamentally what really matters is that I am living.  Not just alive but living!

Yes we all have challenges and they do not seem to stop the older we become, they are just different.  No, not everyday is a great day either. I know this.  In fact for me today was not the best but at some part of my day I always get myself in check, then hope the next day is better.  

However we could all be more thankful for our lives progressing, and the chance to be what we want to be. I am so thankful for my surroundings, the air I breathe, the opportunities I have, the life I lead.  My family and friends.   Above all, I am thankful for my Birthday! The 22nd October, and every single one since.

Happy Birthday to all of you celebrating today, tomorrow, the next.....


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