Saturday, 15 October 2011

Say A Kind Word - Give A Dose Of Unconditional Love...

When was the last time you asked someone you care for the question - 'How are you'?

It occurred to me that some people have no idea how the people they supposedly care about are really feeling. Whether it be their friends, partners, their children or parents. Why? Because they never ask. They can conduct a monologue about themselves with ease. Talk talk talk and never listen.

Why is it that some Couples can live together and be completely oblivious to each others sentiments?  Think about how you relate to your loved ones, could you do with giving out a dose of unconditonal love? I have 'friends' that I speak to everyday that would never ask how I am doing. I always ask as a matter of course, it's just how I am. Nonetheless, with some this is hardly ever reciprocated. A-mazing!

It is nice to know that people genuinely care for you unconditionally. However we all find this hard right? I am not talking about accepting unacceptable behavior, I am referring to caring and giving of yourself without condition, expectations or insincerity.

I am fortunate to really know what it means to be loved unconditionally.  My Mother showed me what that means from birth.  There are those that have never had the opportunity to feel this depth of caring and love, however that is not an excuse not to give unconditionally.

This post is dedicated to those that do give unconditionally.  You do not know how much this means to the recipient.  I have a few people in my life that I receive this from and it is great!

My sisters who instant message me throughtout the day to send uplifting words, and ask me 'How are you?' They are always there and I can count on it. My Mother who will be there through WHATEVER.  My sister friend that will call me from NY just to touch base and find out how I am going sending love across the waters.  My UK Sister JZ that messages almost every day.  My Brother that will move mountains for me.  My brother friend that just asks how I am doing in Singapore and sends advice and encouragement about rearing my son.  Aunty that cares for me in a loving way that words cannot express.  I truly am blessed!!!

There are no excuses for not being able to do so.  Only two of those mentioned above live in the same country as me, but I feel their caring sincerity from afar.  A kind word, a loving gesture works wonders for the soul.  Not receiving it is not an excuse either.  Be an example to others.  Don't let them take you for granted but giveth of yourself without conditions, and you will eventually reap what you sow.  Maybe not from those you hoped but you will get it back someway.

No matter who you are, where you come from, what you have experienced, there is NO ONE that can honestly say they do not want to be loved.  Whether it be romantic love, or receiving love from a parent. Love from forever friends, or another family member. We all yearn it, want it and need it.  It is like food, we can live without it for a time perhaps but eventually we starve from not having it and need it to fill our tanks, nourish us and to keep us feeling good.

A person without love is nothing much but a vacuum.  So for those you genuinely care about, give them a dose of unconditional love. Turn to your husband and really hug him.  Cook him his favourite meal, wear his favourite dress.  Your child that is growing up quicker than you can say 'my goodness you've grown' - tell her she is wonderful and that you are proud of her.  Do something for her that will make her smile.  Your best friend, give him a call and ask him how his life is really going.  Your Mother visit her and say 'I love you' without expecting anything in return.

I received a touching note from my Bro Kindred.  He ALWAYS manages to say something that makes me smile and think WOW.   Here is an excerpt from his note (English is his second language):

Hey Your Lightness!

Im good. Your writing has been very great lately
yesterday it inspired me to keep my eyes closed and just try
too feel how I would experience ...

I am coming to the conclusion that its not how I see but more how EYE feel..
So you are doing great charity.spreading light. thanx!

Great to hear your kind concern for your SUN ..
as someone said life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived...

May you have victory and not be intimidated by cloudes!
Listen to your soul and know thyself!

He read my blog  'Charity Should Begin At Himself' and was thankfully inspired. The use of the word 'EYE' as opposed to 'I' (see post for details), let me know he did indeed take the time to read my words and he sent me back a little support to make me aware that he was touched.  He didn't need to - he just did!

For some, this is trivial, but his taking the time out meant so much.  So to all those in my life that give love and friendship unconditionally I thank you.

For those of you reading - Please! Go on give unconditional a try...

Love & Happiness!