Friday, 7 October 2011

RIP Steve Jobs - Audere est facere ('To Dare Is To Do')!

As I sit here writing my blog on my iPad2 I have to give kudos to Steve Jobs and wish that he may Rest In Peace!

This self made man was an innovative, creative, amazing  genius.  I remembered seeing touch screen technology in the film Minority Report back in 2002, and thinking how amazing it was.  He actually did it, he gave touch screen to the world.

I entitled this with the Latin motto 'To Dare Is To Do', as that epitomises Mr Jobs.  He dared to do, he dared to drop out of school to fulfil his dreams, to call his company 'Apple' (bet that received some laughs).  He dared to be different and he dared to challenge the doubts.  Although he was not alone in his phenomenal journey we all know that his part was significant.

I will never be Steve Jobs but I am extremely inspired by this man who's inventions have played an integral part in my life whether it be my Mac, iPod, iPhone or iPad. I owe it to myself to be driven by his determination to dare, and to do.  

Live your dreams people.  Imagine, envisage.  Make whatever you have in your head and heart real... Every single thing we utilise and take for granted (chairs, iron, traffic lights, airplanes, cutlery - EVERYTHING) started off as an idea in someone's head.  Some are old ideas that have been embellished, others are ground breaking like those from Apple. So many of us have ideas that remain just that unfortunately.  

There is the myth that we utilise our brains only 10%. That it often disputed but it is a fact that we don't use our brain to it's capacity.  Why?  No we should not all start trying to be technology innovators.  We can make changes in so many different ways.  If you have an aptitude for dealing with people maybe you can be a great PR person as opposed to doing something you don't really like.  You are great with children, be a teacher, coach, mentor.

You always manage to have fantastic photos from your travels.  Submit them to a gallery, make a book of them and get it published (self publishing is a lot easier nowadays).  You are creative and make lovely cakes - make it into a business (!

We often go through life, adopt routines, live those routines and die.  Forget making a difference to the planet. What difference do we make to our immediate surroundings?  Who's life have you impacted?

I am inspired to create the things I keep saying I will. To encourage my son to do the same and to make a difference at least in my world.


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