Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Style Icon

I thought I would share this. The lady just came up to me and started taking pictures (with permission of course).

Check out the shoes in line with the type of shoes in my collection coming out early 2012 - watch this space!



  1. You ROCK !!!! You are just splendide ! I LOVE the blouse, and ADORE the skirt. Seeing your pix made me wondering why I do not let myself express myself ...;-)
    You just inspire me, tomorrow I change my whole wardrobe! and I won't go to bed tonight before ensuring my nails are polished !

    Regarding your shoe biz, congratulations !!! Go go go Lady ! Vas-y fonces ! Succes is around the corner.
    Keep that positive vibe up Beauty!

  2. Yes, LOVED the vibe & the outfit. That skirt was the future. Looking forward to 2012 :)

  3. Hey I love love LOVE the outfits and I would wear ever single one of them! They're unique and gorgeous and you carry them off well! I especially like the Winged African print dress, Back to front dress  and the Printed high wastes skirt outfit is to die for! X