Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Be Connected!

Living in Asia I am fortunate and blessed to be experiencing minimal impact with respect to the economical disasters that have befallen us globally. God-willing I will maintain my job, my standard of living that I have become accustomed to and I will be able to continue to contribute to mine and my sons great life!

What I have found to be true however is the mere fact that I am experiencing these blessings and minimal impact, it has meant that I am far removed from the realities that so many others are encountering. People that are close to me and not so close to me that I am familiar with. Upon reflection I realise that I am not connected!

Another contribution to my being a bit out of touch is that I have not watched the news for years! I rarely read the tabloids by conscious choice. It is all so depressing and I find the obsession with negative news to be over bearing. I read the net to be fair, but when it comes to negative press I keep browsing. It means that I have become somewhat desensitised to some of the things out there. Is it wrong? I don't necessarily feel that it is. I do feel nonetheless that the disconnect from others' reality in an attempt to not be burdened with daunting, discouraging media does not strike a good balance.

It is not just about knowing what is in the headlines. Although being up to speed with current affairs is always a good conversation piece. I generally feel that we as people are not connected with each other much nowadays. Superficially yes, but not always in the meaningful way that we should be connected for example with our friends, partners, our colleagues, our children.

We tend to do things in silos as opposed to in unison. Society is more and more self-centred. Of course people do caring sharing things like Philanthropy which is still very much a part of society. However we all know it is not like it was 'back in the day'. Simple things like common courtesy exist less and less. People don't hold doors open for you knowing you are behind them. People give less of themselves and expect more. The bond between people does not exist like it used to.

I am very much a people person. I can have nothing but if I have the love of those dear to me, I feel I can accomplish anything. When I am struggling with a situation and not feeling my best, a Prada bag, or cute shoes, a nice dress or a box of chocolates do nothing for me. However a word of encouragement from my sister-friends, a conversation with my Mother or a hug from my son can change my world. It's all about the connection.

They say a child that has more nurturing and connection thrives exponentially versus a child given no love and connection - why? Because we as a people need this!

We should engage in more fellowship. Start a book club or a forum for sharing mutual interests. Provide a support group to single parents or start an exchange program where you know of people that are struggling. Maybe you can exchange clothes you have unworn with the tag on for services rendered. Maybe you can just give them away.

Pick up the phone and make a call to someone you know will appreciate the time you have taken to reach out. Send a letter or a card to a friend you have not spoken to in a while. The beauty of receiving a handwritten note nowadays is indescribable. We have become so self absorbed that we have lost sight of the strength we have when we bond with others.

Reach out, be connected! It makes a difference.


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