Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Be Inspired!

I arrived in the building at work today and on the TV Monitor it said 'Rapper Heavy D died today aged 44.' Now his death was not controversial and shrouded in the negative images surrounding rappers. It was so unfortunate - a suspected heart attack he was pretty over weight.

What is the relevance? I hear you ask. I grew up listening to his music and he was only a little older than I. I danced to his tunes (I can see me doing the running man as I write), I loved the rhythms and imitated the backing dancers moves. I admired that he was in an industry that has many negative images but he kept it positive. I also thought he was cute...So when I saw the headline this morning I became nostalgic and I was somewhat saddened.

I was reminded that life is way too short and I wondered if he had known on the 7th November 2011 that his life would end on the 8th, what would he have done differently? Just before he died his last tweet to his fans was 'Be Inspired'. That is something I often remind myself and the picture attached above is from the wall in my music room in my apartment. I had the wooden caste 'inspire' attached to remind me how important inspiration is.

I have not blogged for a few days as I have felt uninspired and tired. However I realise that each day may in fact be my last. I found inspiration in a sad occasion and when I arrived home from a late date I almost went to sleep but felt compelled to write.

What inspires you to continue? What motivates you to move forward and do good things, be happy and make the most of the short time we have? Take risks, believe that you can achieve as we just do not know if we will get the chance.

I sometimes say if in doubt don't? However I am also a strong believer in 'who dares wins', and 'carpe diem' (seize the day). Sometimes we have to do or die. Walking the easy road may be safe but is it right?

I decided to take a risk today to go against doubt and dare to win. I am inspired, by someone I have never met who like me felt that being inspired can be the foundation of achieving your greatness.

We should all 'Be Inspired'.

Thank you for reminding me of this and may you Rest In Peace Heavy D.

Love and Happiness

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