Friday, 25 November 2011

Be Prepared!

'Be Prepared' is really a good maxim to live by. How often do you think people do well without being prepared?

I had a meeting this week that I was chairing, my ill-preparation meant that it didn't go as well as it could have. I rebuked myself as there was no excuse and mere complacency meant that a relatively easy meeting did not go according to plan. This subsequently triggered my thoughts on what it means to be prepared. It does not just apply to meetings it applies to everything.

Preparation, and most important timely preparation can make the difference between succeeding at something and having your plans take a turn for the worse. Preparation can enable you to be positioned to take advantage of opportunities and is key to tackling obstacles. It enables you to survive the bombs that life throws you as opposed to you coming away feeling demolished.

Imagine you are dating someone you really care about and the time comes for your first sexual encounter. Unbeknownst to you both, this person has HIV. You have been dating for a while, mutual feelings of attraction are there you feel at some point you will have a sexual encounter. It happens and you were protected. Protecting yourself could have saved your life!

You are going on a road trip and do all the necessary checks. Your spare tyre is changed, your oil checked, tank is full of fuel and you are good to go. While out in the middle of nowhere you have no mobile signal and you have a flat tyre. How glad would you feel having replaced that spare tyre before you left?

On the flip side how would you feel in the above situations if you were not prepared? The repercussions of not being prepared are generally not appreciated until it is too late. Do not let it be too late. Your exams, the birth of your child, your meetings, your new job, your new school, your rendez-vous with a loved one, whatever it may be, approach it with the maxim 'Be Prepared!'

“Hindsight Explains the Injury That Foresight Would Have Prevented.” ~ Proverb.


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