Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Release The Child Within!

When was the last time you did something really spontaneous or fun?

Why do we become so boring with age at times? I was talking to my Honey about spontaneity, as he seems slightly obsessed with planning (hence not very spontaneous).  I was trying to convince him of the beauty of doing things impromptu.  In the end we agreed to differ.

I am all for planning. I make a living out of it. Nevertheless the idea of acting on impulse, taking child like risks and having fun like a kid appeals to me.

A couple of weeks ago my Sister-Friends and I had a sleep over. You know like when you were young and stayed up all night having fun with your best buddies back in the day?  We were equipped with pyjamas, mattress on the floor, movies, lots of food - the whole works!

Let me tell you it was absolutely fabulous. We talked all night about everything, woke up, then ate all morning and talked all afternoon until the early evening.  We talked so much we were exhausted but it was a great bonding experience between friends.

When was the last time you shared good times with a close friend?

What about plain having fun just for the sake of it?  As Children we thrived on this. The adrenalin rush the uncontrollable laughter. Doing things to generate a feel good factor it is so good for the spirit. However as time passes we tend to become engrossed in routine, monotony and being dull and spiritless. When did that become ok?

With all the strains and pains of life, we should feel compelled to take a moment of enjoyment out of life.  Express Child like humour. Tickle your loved one until they cannot breathe.  Smile more, laugh more, sing more, talk more.  Share memorable moments.  Look at old photo albums and rejoice in the laughter of seeing how you had the audacity to dress the way you did.

Rent an old movie that always makes you laugh hysterically when you watch it. Do whatever it is that makes you feel good.  If you used to like roller coasters, go to an amusement park this weekend.  If you love ice cream but punish yourself with the notion that one moment on the lips is one month on the hips, then forget that nonsense, and do extra exercise after eating a few scoops of your favoured flavour.

Dance in the rain, do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face. Think about what made you really happy as a child, teenager or in your 'hey day' and get up and go and do it. Release the child within.


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