Thursday, 10 November 2011

Stop Complaining.

I have written recently about giving thanks. So this is part 2 I guess.

Waking up this morning I walked into my living room and smiled. I thanked God out loud for this day of leave from work (so needed), my home, my helper, my son, my family, my everything! I am so thankful.

Being thankful is medicine for the soul. Especially in tough times. It is a quick fix, a picker-upper. Of course the more you have to be thankful for the quicker the fix is. Nevertheless I also find the more I am thankful the more I realise I have to be thankful for...

I have a gratitude book that I list all the present things I am grateful for as well as a list of all the coming things (like my multi-million dollar business that I am working on). I am trying not to take anything for granted.

I can do all that I do independently. I can write this blog, I can read, I can give my opinions. I can hear the music I love, see the beautiful big brown eyes my son possesses. All things that one may take for granted but all things that millions of people cannot do. Whether it be because they were born deaf, or that they lost their job for example... You see there are always people out there that would swap their life for yours in a heart beat. So how can you not be thankful.

It is very easy to take the complain train. I check myself often. When someone asks me how my day goes, instinctively I may say 'not bad.' However how come I do not just say it was good? Because we like sympathy, and sometimes feed off of pity. Yes you do!

The 'woe is me' attitude is prevalent! I see it everyday and no denying I am guilty of it too. The thing is being Miss Pity Party makes for a sad image of just walking around feeling sorry for yourself. You had to work a little too hard. You had a challenging day. You did not get your own way. Life is not all sweetness and light. However goodness gracious we have the opportunity to turn this life into anything we want - yes ANYTHING!!

It is really irksome when people complain all the time. Imperfect as we are, of course we will have trying times, and pretending that it is otherwise is lying to yourself. Nevertheless constantly focusing on negativity does not make for good living. It is the trigger for headaches, ailments, stress, cancer and feeling bad for yourself. Not a good look!

Believe me I know first hand. I had surgery this summer to remove a growth from my colon. Next week I am having a growth removed from my eye lid. My body is betraying me as I am not looking after my soul. When your mind is engulfed with pity, sorrow, unhappiness it filters through you entirely. It impacts how you interact, how you portray yourself, your posture, your voice, your everything.

I am learning that the best way to do good is to feel good, to be good, and above all - Stop Complaining!

Peace, Love and Happiness to you and yours!


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