Monday, 18 July 2011

Behind Closed Doors....

I am sitting here as I hear my neighbour beating her child until he screams and begs her saying he is sorry. He is no more than 6 years old.

In between his sobs she is ranting in her mother tongue. That is the first time I have heard her being the abuser, usually she is the one being abused. Every few months her husband beats her incessantly. I have complained to security, I have sent them a note complaining about their general noisy behaviour and informing them that I can hear everything. What else can I do?

I live in a society where domestic abuse is not totally recognised as abuse. It is somewhat path of the course. So calling the police serves little purpose. As such, I listen to them scream and shout at the highest octave, slam doors frequently, and act out of control. It is so unbearable at times. Particularly after hours (2am fights are their favourite).

I am at times awoken by a shriek of fear, causing my heart to beat uncontrollably. I feel anxious and in a daze then I realise.....I do the usual, call security, and plead with them to go and speak to these people that are the bane of my life. So much drama.

I wonder if they have any pride or concern about the entire condo hearing their domestic abuse sagas. Clearly not!

On this occasion I gave a countdown and said to myself that if it didn't stop, I was going to do something. They just stopped - it is dead silent. Unbelievable. I have lived here for over a year. I never hear those children. I know there are two of them, but they are virtually silent. That is the first time I have heard one of them and his pain broke my heart.

I know it can be hard with disobedient children and I am not against smacking but these people take it to another level and it makes me so mad.

KC and I are always laughing and playing and making noise so I guess they hear us too.
I certainly do shout when required, but I am mindful that expressing my anger by screaming like a banshee really does little for my nerves and serves little purpose for getting my point across. I certainly am not about to beat KC until he pleads for forgiveness. I receive a much better reaction from him when I speak to him with a calm but stern tone rather than shouting anyway.

Sadly though, these people are demonstrating to their children that the way to deal with their anger is physical abuse. Shouting I can just about deal with but the physical abuse.....The painful screaming that takes place is reflective of that abuse.

We all have the right to relate to our children and partners how we see fit. We certainly should be able to live in our homes without being condemned. I just cannot condone it. The thing is, I never see them or I would certainly say something. I only hear them.

See a pic below of our condo. We live in a really affluent, nice neighbourhood. Makes me wonder what goes on behind all those other doors. Behind my neighbours closed doors, the husband goes into demonic rages, the mother does likewise and the kids are witnesses and sufferers of it all.

For me that is nothing less than Horrific!

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