Thursday, 21 July 2011

Letting Things Go.

It is my last week at my current job - yeah! I am eagerly anticipating my next role and intend to attempt to do as Wallace Wattles said - '...give every man more in use value than you take from him in cash value.' I intend to apply this by giving more than 100% and doing a great job! Give them more than their monies worth so to speak.

After almost 2 years here I am very excited to be leaving. It was great while it lasted, but I am glad for a new start and I'm ready to move on. Letting things go is the name of this post as leaving here to seek new opportunities even though I generally like this job has me thinking - Why do we stick with things just because? Why don't we just Let Go?

This applies to jobs, excess weight, clutter (so many of us hoard rubbish), annoying friends, but worst of all addictions and toxic relationships. The latter two I have witnessed are the hardest to let go of right?!! It seems that the older we get, the more we lack in wisdom when it comes to relationships sometimes, and the weaker we are at breaking bad habits.

Why does a beautiful successful woman choose to hang on to a guy that is useless, thoughtless, worthless and is LESS than she deserves and still stay for the long haul? Why would a smart guy with a great job and future choose to excessively drink, become a drunk and lose everything?

Bad past experiences, desperation, insanity, could be all or none of these but I see it time and time again. What ever demons possess us, insecurities that envelop us, fears that overwhelm us we have to let them go.

I too have been there, hoping an annoying relationship lasts, knowing I could do better, and I stuck with it. My poor excuse was infatuation and obsessed with not failing. Losing your rationale and knowingly being taken for granted beggars belief, but we do it. Stop!

  • If you overeat - just stop. Get to the route of the problem, but while seeking to understand the reason try to get healthy in the interim.
  • Ladies, bad relationship - you know it's bad. Walk!
  • Gents, you're nagging girlfriend or wife is a serial cheat - move on.
  • If you hate your job - go find a new one!
  • Users addicted to recreational drugs - they do slow your brain flow - you know this - give it up.

What should YOU be letting go of right now - tell me? I just let go of a good job for a better one, so it doesn't always have to be about letting go of the bad, it's about what's better.

Am I making it sound too simple, that's because it is. We complicate the simplest things. Whatever it is that it is not good for you - and you have been choosing to do it anyway - LET IT GO!
If you can do better do. Be Better, Not Bitter (and SMILE)!

PS: See my Raising $$ page - 22 days to go I need your ideas.


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  1. Hi Love,

    Love the blog! Tried to post an idea to the raising money page but there isn't a comment box. My suggestion for you is to go diving. Not sure when the last time you went was but maybe you could get out there again to raise some $$.

    Nic x