Sunday, 17 July 2011

Living In The Moment...

Why do we get caught up in seeking futures and forget about our hobbies, and passions? What about enjoying life now?

I told my Mother that I am so bored without KC. Her response was 'Write your book...wash ur 'ead (hair). Go chill with a friend. Ring Dr Mc D (Honey) and talk dirty. Go sleep.'

It got me thinking...... When exactly did I become so boring? I vegetated for the entire day. I didn't speak to anyone except Mum (we talk every day). I then started to think: What were the things I used to do when my home life consisted of just me, myself and I?

My biggest passion is music. I have a wall in my apartment covered with over 3000 CDs and Music is my sanctuary.

Upon reflection, I realise I haven't bought any music for almost a year. I am horrified......

I am also a photo fiend. My friends used to call me paparazzi as I was always taking pictures. I would find pleasure in going to the Botanic Gardens and taking a photo of a flower, or an insect. Above all I adore taking pictures of everyday people. I used to go everywhere armoured with my camera. I am going to start to do so again. Capturing moments on film is wonderful.

Karate...I am a brown belt and only 3 grades away from a black belt. I bought a place, moved away from my karate centre and haven't been in over a year. I am busying myself with things...things that are stressful, and I am not striking a good enough balance with doing the things that I love anymore.

The only passion that I have maintained is books. I have shelves and shelves of books and am always reading. Jeez at least I have sustained that.

So I woke up this morning and endeavoured to reignite the lost passions in my life. It's all good trying to be superwoman for this wonderful future, but what about the cool things I indulged in during the past, which make for fun times and joy in the present? So I started with my first love. Music!!!

I made a video for KC and will send it along with my I miss you message. I played my music loud, and I danced until I sweated like a long distance athlete. I watched it back and could not stop laughing at myself! Letting, go and just dancing like crazy was so great for the soul.

It made me realise that I cannot move like I did in the 90s even though I tried my hardest to get my old skool groove on. It made me realise that I am sooooo thin (thank God that I have maintained the same size for 20 years but I am sooooo thin).

It made me realise that I need to go and buy some music (although music nowadays is not reflective of real music like in the 70s, and 80s and some early 90s. When there were bands that were not so electronically assisted). Whatever happened to Phil Collins, Earth Wind and Fire, Dire Straits, Frankie Beverley & Maze....where you could hear the percussionists ping the triangle, and the guitar strings play? The good old days.

I am going to now go and browse through Little India, buy some interesting food, cook myself a good meal (I haven't cooked for myself in years), and enjoy the time as a woman. Motherhood will return in a month. So why not just live in the moment!

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  1. "Motherhood will return in a month" ---> LOL