Tuesday, 5 July 2011

New Beginnings - My Journey

I have contemplated writing a Blog for a while, however the Procrastination sinks in and I never get around to it.  What was different today?  I was speaking to my Helper on the phone and she told me my 5 year old son was eating hand sanitizer.....

It may sound amusing - she also felt the need to emphasize that his classmates were laughing at this quirky act, but it upset me to the core.  He has a tendency to do these bizarre things, some say are traits of what seem to be Aspergers Syndrome (undiagnosed).

I think today I came to terms with the fact that my baby could have this disorder -this (amongst other things) made me want to write!  I need to vent, to share, to free myself of life's burdens (this is personal to me and I never seek to undermine the struggles of so many others' that are far worse than mine).  I hope by sharing I can find answers or peace of mind.  Maybe laughter, but something, anything..... Let's see.

A little bit about me.... I'm a 30 something Woman.  Single (divorcée - sounds more sophisticated, although I wish I did succeed at the institution of marriage), a Mother, a Business Woman, with a full time career in Banking and living in Asia (born in the UK).

I have lived outside of London for 7 years and am enjoying the fruits of Eastern Culture. 

My Journey began in 2006.  I left a marriage with a 6 month old son in tow.  Starting a new job, in a new country, seeking a 'New Beginning!'

I realised a few months into my time in Asia just how unhappy I really was.  Armoured with a gift of the now infamous book 'The Secret' given to me by one of my closest friends, I decided I was going to be 'Bliss'!

Truth be told I am for the most part content.  In all seriousness to say otherwise would demonstrate the deepest ingratitude.  My life is GREAT!  I own properties, I have a beautiful Son, supportive family, I have a great career, I have wonderful friends, a fantastic partner, I couldn't ask for much more right?

Knowing this and still feeling a gaping hole sometimes, has made me realise I have to seek within.  As externally I have all I need and more.

My Journey in the last 4+ years has been about Me.  Finding myself, understanding me and being happy with what I find.  However the last year has seen me focusing on balancing my individuality with succeeding at Motherhood.   The importance of moulding my little man into a Great person is tantamount to me fulfilling my goal to be a good person.  It is my duty.

The 3 most important things in my life are 1) God, 2) Me and 3) My Son (my Mother deserves a mention as without her I would be lost), however I did say 3.

So I will commence my Blog Journey, writing about how these elements of my life and life experiences in general are shaping who I am and who I am trying to be.

I do not have any pre-defined structure and will just write.  This Blog has no deep purpose other than for me to seek Inspiration and if I can inspire too then great, so please bear with me and also share with me.


ChAna H


  1. Congrats Hun!
    That's quite a venture ... All the best!
    I'm already addicted ;-)

  2. So excited to hear about your journey xx

  3. I'm really excited for you lovely lady! Yours will be a great blog to follow...I'm looking forward to more entries.