Thursday, 14 July 2011

Golfing In The Sun Is So Much Fun!

How does Tiger Woods make playing golf look so simple?

I have to say, I have wanted to give it a try for many years, and really enjoyed it at the range.  Honey came equipped with about 10 different clubs in various shapes and sizes, ready to get his swing on. 

There were 3 women who were clearly seasoned players of the sport.  They had the visors, golf shoes, golf clubs, the stance, and knocked the balls a good distance.  I came ill-equipped with shorts, vest top, flip flops and an inability to hit the ball.  I did the typical swing and totally miss.  Can hitting a ball really be that hard?  The answer is yes!

After Honey's patient instruction I managed to hit the ball. I was elated.  It was so cool.  No where near the 220 yards he did of course, but the meter away was satisfying.  I am determined to go again and improve my swing.  Not sure where I will find the time, but I will definitely go back again.

My joy with Golf wasn't extended to one of the suppliers.  She had a nonchalant attitude and did her own thing rather than consulting me.  I don't like what she produced so am waiting to see what she does to improve the goods.  

As Henry Thoreau said 'For it matters not how small the beginning may seem to be: What is once well done is done forever'.

You see she probably thinks she produces so much and my request is small in comparison.  This is not acceptable.  With everyone that I do business with, I need unity of purpose. If I begin by producing rubbish that's the end before I get started.  So I have to put my assertive ChAna in gear, get her on the same page or use someone else.  My waters tell me (gut feel some like to say) that I will be doing the latter.

Just breathe I tell myself.  Just breathe....

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