Friday, 8 July 2011

Long Distance Relationship - Is It Possible?

Aside from my Aspergers research I am busy embarking on a new Business Venture, as well as starting a long distance relationship (the relationship already existed the long distance part just began).

Initially I was repelled by the thought when My Honey told me he was leaving the country to start his Business in Vietnam, but as I have said - 'Acceptance and Go with the flow' so I am going with this.

Admittedly going from popping by his place and hanging out when I feel like. To video conferencing via facetime (apple app for the non converted), and once or twice a month visits, doesn't fill me with pleasure.  I have become accustomed to the joys that a good rapport with a decent dude brings.  I am also very much a tactile person,  I can hardly hug a video screen (not without feeling insane anyway).  However I am going to make the most of it. 

I have sought to find the benefits of having a boyfriend off shore.  Errr still thinking.  At least coincidentally a vast amount of my business will take place in Vietnam too.  It is only a 2 hour flight, I like travelling and so all is well I keep telling myself.

I used to think that long distance relationships didn't work, however I have two great friends who are about to marry their long distance honeys - you go girls!  So I can all but try.  I need some tips on keeping the fires burning from a distance though....Any ideas?

Some tips for lasting the course that I have come across are Define your relationship, Communicate openly, Be honest, Exercise patience, Give encouragement to make it work.  I think that all these are required regardless of distance.  In saying that I guess boundaries do need to be set and expectations managed.  We had the expectations talk.  Remaining exclusive, making sure we talk regularly.  Make the effort to be in the same place when we can.  I was skeptical at first but now I am embracing it.  So watch this space. 

As such I am taking my first trip (under the long distance girlfriend persona) tomorrow to prepare business things (and see Honey of course).  So I am looking forward to the break! 

I guess this is an introduction to the Mother wanting to do everything side of me.  I'm being Mama. I will be starting a new job in 3 weeks -which is exciting.  In the meantime I am learning Chinese, volunteer reading with a 7 year old, kick starting my Business here and in Vietnam, seeking suppliers, getting samples made and agreeing contracts. 

Then Honey needs support right now - he didn't anticipate the drama that comes with moving to a country to start a Business when they don't speak much English.  So he is filled with angst.  Going to cook him some good food and.............make sure he eats it ;-).   I feel like I need to keep busy it seems.

I must add that I will not be talking too in depth about my relationship just topics that arise out of being in one and seeking opinions of others where I see fit - So Honey don't fret.

Vietnam here I come!

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